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First, Barna Group wishes to thank our partners at Lutheran Hour Ministries, including Ashley Bayless, Jason Broge, Kurt Buchholz, Tony Cook and Don Everts, as well as their team members who participated in pivotal early workshops based on this study’s findings. Collaborating on this multi-year project with your ministry has been a joy for our team and a gift to the Church.

We’re very grateful for the insights of our expert contributors, both through qualitative study and additional Q&As. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and, more importantly, generously embodying your faith within your spheres of influence. This list includes: Ben Allin, Glenn Barth, Jason Broge, Shawn Duncan, Monica Evans, Ruth Evans, Emily Gibson, Makoto Fujimura, Joy Harty, Lynn Heatley, Scott Kauffman, Gabe Lyons, Kitti Murray, Greg Russinger, Becca Stevens, Stephanie Wieber and Donell Woodson. Lyons also provided helpful input on the scope of the study.

We want to acknowledge some friends of Barna whose books also bear the Better Together title and provide tremendous value to the Church: Danielle Strickland, Warren Bird and Jim Tomberlin.

The research team for this project was led by Brooke Hempell and includes Traci Hochmuth, Pam Jacob and Savannah Kimberlin. Kimberlin also provided foundational analysis and data verification for the report. Janet Eason conducted qualitative interviews and ethnographic research. Alyce Youngblood managed the editorial process, and Verónica Thames supported through reporting and interviewing. Doug Brown proofread the manuscript. With creative direction from Joe Jensen, OX Creative designed the cover, and Annette Allen designed interior layout and data visualizations. Brenda Usery managed production. Mallory Holt coordinated as project manager.

Additional thanks for the support of our Barna colleagues: Amy Brands, Daniel Copeland, Aidan Dunn, Aly Hawkins, Kristin Jackson, David Kinnaman, Steve McBeth, Rhesa Storms, Jess Villa and Todd White.

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