08 Appendix D – Acknowledgments

Appendix D - Acknowledgments



Barna Group offers our heartfelt thanks to the team at Christ In Youth, sponsors and partners in this research, specifically: Jasper Rutherford, Wade Landers and Jayson French. Additionally, we’d like to acknowledge Summer Madness and J33 for their support of this study.

This monograph would have been impossible without the many youth workers, interviewees and expert readers from Ireland whose insights helped shape this report. We’re especially grateful for the responses of Ruth Garvey-Williams and Gerard Gallagher and the reviews of Peter Rigney and Dominic Perrem.

The research team for this study is Brooke Hempell, Traci Hochmuth and Susan Mettes. Under the editorial direction of Roxanne Stone, the writing team includes Susan Mettes and Alyce Youngblood. Annette Allen designed and laid out the monograph. Brenda Usery managed production.

Additional thanks to our Barna colleagues: Amy Brands, Chrisandra Bolton, Matt Carobini, Joyce Chiu, Inga Dahlstedt, Bill Denzel, Aly Hawkins, David Kinnaman, Elaine Klautzsch, Steve McBeth, Elise Miller, Lisa Schoke, Caitlin Schuman, Sara Tandon, Jess Turner and Todd White.

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