07 Appendix C – Acknowledgements

Appendix C - Acknowledgements



Barna Group is grateful to Jonathan Morrow for his wholehearted commitment to the next generation, and for his informed, from-the-trenches view of the findings. It has been an honor to collaborate with you and Impact 360 Institute on this gift to the Church and our next generation.

We are also deeply grateful to the scholars and practitioners who contributed insights to the Gen Z report: Irene Cho, Troy Earnest, Donna Freitas, Joivan Jimenez, John A. Murray and Fikre Prince.

This research would not have been possible without George Barna’s pioneering work on biblical worldview. We are indebted to him and are thankful every day for what he began more than 30 years ago.

The research team for Gen Z is Brooke Hempell, Traci Hochmuth, Elise Miller and Pam Jacob. Under the editorial direction of Roxanne Stone, Brooke Hempell, Aly Hawkins and David Kinnaman analyzed the data and wrote this report. Alyce Youngblood developed the data visualizations, which were designed, along with the report, by Annette Allen. Doug Brown proofread the manuscript. Brenda Usery managed production with help from Todd White.

The research team wishes to thank our Barna colleagues Amy Brands, Matt Carobini, Joyce Chiu, Inga Dahlstedt, Bill Denzel, Elaine Klautzsch, Cory Maxwell-Coghlan, Steve McBeth, Susan Mettes, Josh Pearce, Lisa Schoke, Caitlin Schuman, Sara Tandon and Jess Villa.

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