07 Acknowledgments



Barna Group wishes to thank our partners at OneHope, especially the research team led by Dr. Tena Stone, who co-labored with us to conduct the parent and expert interviews: Christine E. Schaeffer, Ph.D., Dave Plate, Kathie Coenen, Madison Chastain and Patricia Savage. Thank you for your dedication, drive and passion!

The research team for Guiding Children is Brooke Hempell, Savannah Kimberlin, Pam Jacob and Aly Hawkins. Under the editorial direction of Roxanne Stone, Aly Hawkins and Paul Pastor created this report. David Kinnaman and Brooke Hempell contributed additional analysis and insights. Doug Brown edited the manuscript. Roxanne Stone and Aly Hawkins developed the data visualizations, which were, along with the report, designed by Annette Allen. Chaz Russo designed the cover. Brenda Usery managed production with project management assistance from Jennifer Hamel and Mallory Holt.

The Guiding Children team wishes to thank our Barna colleagues Amy Brands, Cory Maxwell-Coghlan, Daniel Copeland, Aidan Dunn, Janet Eason, Traci Hochmuth, Joe Jensen, Steve McBeth, Susan Mettes, Rhesa Storms, Jess Villa, Todd White and Alyce Youngblood.

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