08 Appendix D – Acknowledgements

Appendix D - Acknowledgements



Barna Group wishes to thank our partners at Brotherhood Mutual, especially Mark Robison and Mitzi Thomas.

Many thanks also to our wise and generous contributors, without whose experience and insights this report would be considerably less useful to those doing the everyday good work of the local church: Darrell Hall, Samuel Ogles, Doug Sauder, Mandy Smith, Boz Tchividjian, Bruce Terrell and the elders of Intown Community Church.

The research team for Leadership Transitions is Brooke Hempell, Caitlin Shuman, Traci Hochmuth, Inga Dahlstadt, Susan Mettes and Aly Hawkins. Under the editorial direction of Roxanne Stone, Aly Hawkins and Alyce Youngblood created this report with contributions from Jeremy Alexander, Charles Allers, Susan Mettes, Steve Olson and Paul Pastor. David Kinnaman and Brooke Hempell added analysis and insights. Doug Brown edited the manuscript. Roxanne Stone and Aly Hawkins developed the data visualizations, which were, along with the report, designed by Annette Allen. Brenda Usery managed production with project management assistance from Mallory Holt.

The Leadership Transitions team wishes to thank our Barna colleagues Amy Brands, Daniel Copeland, Bill Denzel, Aidan Dunn, Cory Maxwell-Coghlan, Pam Jacob, Savannah Kimberlin, Steve McBeth, Jess Villa and Todd White.

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