07 Acknowledgments



The Barna team sincerely thanks Sharon Hargrave, Kelly Haer, Elijah Weaver and the whole team at the Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University. Your passion for this research and how it will serve the Church has been an inspiration throughout the project. We also wish to thank our generous contributors, without whose expertise and insights this report would be considerably less practical: Katelyn Beaty, Michael Boland, Thema Bryant-Davis, Michael Cox, Cameron Lee, Tal Prince, Rhett Smith and Chris Williamson.

The Boone Center team extends heartfelt thanks to the following partners, whose generosity made this project possible: Pat Boone, Joline and Jim Gash, Debby and Andy Benton, Paula and Ed Biggers, Sheila and Tom Bost, Rita and Dale Brown, Lauren Cosentino, Susan Giboney, Geannie Holden-Sheller, Sara and Sam Jackson, Loretta and Robert Katch, Chris and Charlie Kerns, Leslie and John McKee, Marnie Mitze, Kimberly and Michael Okabayashi, Gary Oliver, Annette Oltmans, Claudia Preston, Joyce and Cliff Penner, Mary Alice Reed, Jenny and Fred Ricker, Jennifer and Rich Sittel, Scott Stanley, Carol and Robert Wallace, and Norm Wright.

The research team for Restoring Relationships is Brooke Hempell, Savannah Kimberlin, David Kinnaman and Pam Jacob. Under the editorial direction of Alyce Youngblood, Aly Hawkins and Joan Chen-Main wrote the report, and Doug Brown served as proofreader. Traci Hochmuth and Aly Hawkins created the data visualizations, which were designed, along with the full report, by Annette Allen. OX Creative designed the cover. Mallory Holt managed the project while Brenda Usery managed production. The Restoring Relationships team thanks our Barna colleagues Amy Brands, Daniel Copeland, Aidan Dunn, Janet Eason, Kristin Jackson, Joe Jensen, Steve McBeth, Rhesa Storms, Verónica Thames, Jess Villa and Todd White.

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