08 Appendix C – Acknowledgements

Appendix C - Acknowledgements



Barna Group wishes to thank our partners at Lutheran Hour Ministries, including and especially Ashley Bayless, Kurt Buchholz, Tony Cook and Jeff Craig-Meyer. Heartfelt thanks also to our gracious contributors to this project: Jefferson Bethke, Dana Byers, Micah Glenn and Rachel Legouté.

The research team for Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age is Brooke Hempell, Susan Mettes, Roxanne Stone and Pam Jacob. Under the editorial direction of Roxanne Stone, Aly Hawkins and Susan Mettes analyzed the data and wrote this report. David Kinnaman contributed additional analysis and insights. Doug Brown edited the manuscript. Roxanne Stone developed the data visualizations, which were designed, along with the cover, by Chaz Russo. Annette Allen designed the report. Brenda Usery managed production with help from Todd White.

The research team wishes to thank our Barna colleagues Amy Brands, Bill Denzel, Cory Maxwell-Coghlan, Steve McBeth, Caitlin Schuman, Jess Villa and Alyce Youngblood.

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