07 Appendix D – Acknowledgements

Appendix D - Acknowledgements



Barna Group offers our heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to Dale and Rita Brown, Tod Brown and the Moriah Foundation, who sponsored The State of Pastors research, and to our incomparable partners at Pepperdine University: Andrew Benton, Dyron Daughrity, Rick Gibson, Ronald Highfield, Sara Jackson, Elizabeth Krumrei Mancuso, David Lemley, Michael Menichetti, Joella Michaels, Ronald Phillips and Daniel Rodriguez.

Barna also wishes to thank the contributors to The State of Pastors: David Bailey, Bobby Gruenewald, Jim Hawkins, Sharon Hoover, Elizabeth Krumrei Mancuso, Terry Linhart, Glenn Packiam, Svetlana Papazov and Pete Scazzero. We are honored by your participation in this project and thankful for all God continues to do through your work.

The research team for this study is David Kinnaman, Inga Dahlstadt, Aly Hawkins, Traci Hochmuth and Pam Jacob. Mark Matlock, Preston Sprinkle and Victoria Loorz contributed anal- ysis and insights. Under the editorial direction of Roxanne Stone, the writing team for The State of Pastors is Aly Hawkins, Cory Maxwell-Coghlan and Alyce Youngblood, with additional contribu- tions from Joyce Chiu, Elliott Haught and Sarah Ngu. The design team is Judson Collier, Chaz Russo and Rob Williams. Brenda Usery managed production.

The State of Pastors team thanks our Barna colleagues Amy Brands, Chrisandra Bolton, Matt Carobini, Bill Denzel, Brooke Hempell, Jill Kinnaman, Elaine Klautzsch, Steve McBeth, Elise Miller, Josh Pearce, Megan Pritchett, Caitlin Schuman, Todd Sorenson, Sara Tandon and Todd White.

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