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Barna Group is incredibly grateful to World Vision, not only for their partnership on this massive study, but their global leadership in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the kingdom of God. Our gratitude extends to the many World Vision staff members from more than 20 countries who supported this initiative through early input on the study formation, coordination of thought leaders and local contextualisation. For this Australia and New Zealand report, we would like to especially acknowledge Jonathan Fletcher, Samuel Grimshaw, James Pedrick, Matt Pryce, Jill Roche and Philip Sapsford.

Our findings about the connected generation have been significantly strengthened by the feedback and grounded recommendations of ministers, activists, scholars and other experts spanning the globe. A heartfelt thank you to the contributors for this particular country report: Grant Bayldon, Sam Bloore, Melinda Dwight, Alan Jamieson, Claire Rogers and Mark Sayers.

The Barna research team conducted this study with coordination by Brooke Hempell. Traci Hochmuth and Daniel Copeland led development of the questionnaire, with assistance from Susan Mettes. Copeland also served as the lead analyst & writer for this country report. David Kinnaman, with Aly Hawkins, wrote other foundational pieces. Ryan Hamm developed the field guides. Alyce Youngblood provided content direction and copy editing. Douglas Brown proofread the manuscript. OX Creative designed the cover, and Rob Williams handled interior layout. Brenda Usery managed production. Mallory Holt coordinated as project manager and assisted in organising contributors. Special thanks to Rick Ifland for his vision in extending Barna’s reach internationally and Gareth Russell for spearheading the Barna Global effort. The project team wishes to thank our Barna colleagues— Amy Brands, Aidan Dunn, Janet Eason, Pam Jacob, Marian Liautaud, Steve McBeth, Rhesa Storms, Verónica Thames, Jess Villa and Todd White—for their support as we’ve completed our largest study to date.

We would also like to thank our partners in sharing this research across Australia and New Zealand, including Alpha, ARISE Church, Barneys Broadway, Church Unlimited, Gateway Baptist Church, NewHope Baptist Church, South West Baptist Church and Venn Foundation. Through a series of forums and events, as well as the insights of numerous contributors (including Daniel Ang, Renee Bennett, Tak Bhana, Bloore, Annie Cameron, John Cameron, Paul Dale, Dwight, Ainslee Freeman, Clem Fung, Esther Greenwood, Michael Hands, Katie Iles, Jamieson, Erin Juers, Jesse Murray, Matt Renata, Zelda Robertson, Sayers, Andrew Sercombe and many more), these partners will help put this research into action.

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