04 Local Faith Leaders Comment on the Findings

Local Faith Leaders Comment on the Findings


SAM COLLIER Headshot“We’re living in the information age. When you’re living in that, one of the things that you desire is true experience. We know the statistics that say every year the Church continues to decline in numbers. But you have these outliers, these churches that continue to grow. You’re like, where are the Millennials going? They’re going to churches where they can experience something beyond the information, where they can access something beyond this world. They want the sacred; community, nowadays, is sacred.”

Sam Collier, Host and Speaker at Northpoint Ministries; Host of The Greater Story with Sam Collier podcast


JEANNE STEVENS Headshot“I had a great mentor say to me that if you want to find a great leader, look for someone who is active versus someone who is just sitting around thinking. There are two different kinds of people. First, people who like to think about leadership and about how to change the world. They like to philosophize and talk about it all over social media. And then there are those who get to work, who say, ‘I’m going to roll up my sleeves, I’m going to make some mistakes, I’m going to try some things out. I might fail, and then I’m going to go again.’ Those are the people to look for, to empower into leadership. I think one of the things that is so encouraging about the Millennial generation is they’re hungry to learn, they are hungry to be developed.”

Jeanne Stevens, Co-pastor of Soul City Church in Chicago, Illinois


EUGENE CHO Headshot“I’m part of ‘the microwave generation,’ where I want things quickly. Yet the work of discipleship is not a one-time, 90-minute service. It’s devoting all of our lives to the point that the gospel of Christ forms, informs, transforms every single aspect of my life. That takes intentional, deep, profound work. Cultural Christianity is one of those big dangers that the Church needs to address. Are we more in love with the idea of following Jesus than actually following Jesus? That’s the question that I think is being asked all around the world.”

Eugene Cho, Pastor, Speaker, Author of Overrated, Founder of One Day’s Wages


JASON BALLARD Headshot“In the New Testament, the table is a profound metaphor of different people coming together. That’s a very powerful metaphor for evangelism today—to come and have a meal together—but it doesn’t mean that we don’t share confidently. The anxiety that we’re seeing in the research is partly because of the endless options that people are looking for as a way through life. If you’re an individual who says, ‘I believe God is real, and he is good, and he is the way,’ you have that courage that will speak a good word to the world around you. I think that’s why there’s spiritual openness. The cracks in secularism are beginning to show. People are looking for a firmer foundation.”

Jason Ballard, Pastor, Church Planter, Producer of Alpha Youth Series


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