07 Appendix C – Acknowledgements

Appendix C - Acknowledgements



Barna Group is grateful to Chris Kopka, Jeff Carver, Dave Rustad and the entire Thrivent Church Solutions team for their partnership and missional passion to help churches thrive and Christians to live generously.

The research team for this study is Brooke Hempell, Susan Mettes, Joyce Chiu, David Kinnaman and Aly Hawkins. Under the editorial direction of Roxanne Stone, the writing team for this report is Susan Mettes and Aly Hawkins. The design team is Chaz Russo and Rob Williams. Brenda Usery managed production.

The Generosity Gap team thanks our Barna colleagues Amy Brands, Chrisandra Bolton, Matt Carobini, Inga Dahlstedt, Bill Denzel, Pam Jacob, Jill Kinnaman, Elaine Klautzsch, Steve McBeth, Elise Miller, Josh Pearce, Caitlin Schuman, Todd Sorenson, Sara Tandon and Todd White.

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Appendix D - About the Project Partners

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