08 Appendix C – Methodology & Acknowledgments

Appendix C - Methodology & Acknowledgments



This study is based on quantitative surveys of 1,007 U.S. adults, 1,502 U.S. practicing Christian adults and 600 U.S. senior pastors of Protestant churches. Among pastors, Barna oversampled to include more perspectives of black pastors (100 respondents total). Interviews were completed online and by telephone between April and August 2018. The rate of error is +/- 2.3 percent for practicing Christians, 3.9 percent for pastors and 2.9 percent for the general population, at the 95 percent confidence level.



Barna Group thanks The Reimagine Group (Reimagine) and Jack Alexander for their support and endorsement in the commissioning of this project. In addition, we must acknowledge Jack’s book, The God Impulse, which points to an absence of mercy in the modern evangelical experience and was an inspiration in the early stages of this study. We are grateful for the important contributions of Patty Wyngaard and Kristin Jackson, who coordinated and collaborated with the Barna team to help guide The Mercy Journey, as well as friends and ministry partners of Reimagine.

The research for this study was coordinated by Brooke Hempell and Traci Hochmuth. Savannah Kimberlin provided foundational analysis. Raven Hinson verified data. Under the direction of Roxanne Stone, Alyce Youngblood managed and edited content for this report. Additional writing was provided by Charles Allers, Michael Costner, Heather Thompson Day, Ana Elliott, Mallory Fatke, Steve Olsen, Nancy Tosh and Kelly Wilson. Doug Brown proofread the manuscript. Chaz Russo designed the cover. Annette Allen designed interior layout and data visualizations. Brenda Usery managed production. Mallory Holt coordinated as project manager. Additional thanks for the support of Barna colleagues Amy Brands, Daniel Copeland, Bill Denzel, Aidan Dunn, Aly Hawkins, Pam Jacob, David Kinnaman, Steve McBeth, Jess Villa and Todd White.

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