08 Appendix D – Acknowledgements

Appendix D - Acknowledgements



Barna Group offers our sincere thanks to our partners at Youth Specialties and YouthWorks.

Barna also wishes to thank the contributors to The State of Youth Ministry, Sharon Galgay Ketcham, Terry Linhart, Kara Powell and Daniel White Hodge. Your lives and work are testimonies to God’s life-giving Spirit who transforms teens and young adults into the image of Christ, and we are thankful for the insights you’ve offered here for how the Church can help.

The research team for this study is Brooke Hempell and Josh Pearce. David Kinnaman and Mark Matlock contributed analysis and project leadership. Under the editorial direction of Roxanne Stone, Alyce Youngblood and Aly Hawkins wrote The State of Youth Ministry. Chaz Russo created the cover and data visualizations, and Rob Williams designed the report, including all charts, graphs and data tables. Brenda Usery managed production.

The State of Youth Ministry team thanks our Barna colleagues Amy Brands, Chrisandra Bolton, Matt Carobini, Joyce Chiu, Inga Dahlstedt, Bill Denzel, Traci Hochmuth, Pam Jacob, Jill Kinnaman, Elaine Klautzsch, Cory Maxwell-Coghlan, Steve McBeth, Elise Miller, Megan Pritchett, Caitlin Schuman, Todd Sorenson, Sara Tandon and Todd White.

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