09 Appendix D – Acknowledgments

Appendix D - Acknowledgments


First, Barna Global wishes to thank World Vision UK for their partnership on this study and the individuals on their team who made this project possible. Their organisation exemplifies the heart of social justice and mission by improving the lives of vulnerable children around the world, and we hope this study inspires the Church as much as their example.

We’re grateful to our expert contributors—Roy Crowne, Paula Gooder and Krish Kandiah—for greatly enhancing this report with their insights.

The research for this study was coordinated by Brooke Hempell and Traci Hochmuth. Under the editorial direction of Roxanne Stone, Susan Mettes contributed written analysis and Alyce Youngblood completed and edited the report. Gareth Russell advised on the project vision and partnership. Doug Brown and Fiona Spence provided copy edits and proofreading. Annette Allen designed the cover, interior layout and data visualizations. Brenda Usery oversaw production. Jennifer Hamel coordinated as project manager.

Additional thanks for the support of our Barna colleagues: Amy Brands, Bill Denzel, Aly Hawkins, Pam Jacob, David Kinnaman, Steve McBeth, Caitlin Schuman, Jess Villa and Todd White.

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