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“It is our touch-point offering to help change the way pastors can quickly gather information, learn and grow in a way that will effect change in Christianity in America.”

— David Kinnaman, Barna President


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Frequently Asked Questions



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Getting Started:

How frequently are new resources added?
We have new additions to Access each month. When a new study is released, Access subscribers get it first! When we don’t have new research to add, we will add previous work from our library.

Can I download the monographs?
The digital reports in Access cannot be downloaded in full. However, the infographics, videos and presentations are downloadable. Read more about the permissions for sharing resources from Access below.

How do I get a print copy of a report?
You can purchase copies of any reports you like on our online shop. Use promo code ACCESSMEMBER at check out to receive 10% off your order. Click here to have the code applied automatically.


I’m on a team. Do you have a multi-user subscription?
While we don’t offer multi-user subscriptions at this time, we do have team pricing. Please reach out to Access@barna.com for more details.

Do I have permission to use Access resources?
Visit our Permissions Page for a good starting point. We treat each request differently but here are a few general things to keep in mind:

  1. Never alter anything you download from us.
  2. Always provide a by-line.
  3. The videos provided to you in Access are only for your purposes and are not to be reposted on any streaming sites or social media platforms.

Can I use the infographics I download from Access in my own work?
Yes, absolutely! Simply drag-and-drop the image to your desktop or right click the image and choose Save image to “Downloads”. The image will go to your downloads folder on your device. See FAQ below for how to cite Barna Access.

How should I cite Barna data?
When quoting words from a Barna report:

in-line citation: “([Title of report] OR [“Title of article”], Barna, [year published])


works cited page: [Title of report] OR [“Title of article”], by Barna, [year published], Barna Access. Copyright [year published] by Copyright Holder. Reprinted with permission.


footnote citation: footnote #. From [Title of report] OR [“Title of article”], by Barna, [year published], Barna Access. Copyright [year published] by Copyright Holder. Reprinted with permission.

When showing an infographic, slide or video from Barna Access, please use the following citation– Source: Barna, Barna Access, [Title of report] OR [“Title of article”] if applicable, [year published].

Something’s not working:

I’m using the search bar but still can’t find what I’m looking for.
The best way to use our search bar is by typing in major keywords, not phrases. If the search is too specific, it will not be found. Remember that Access is a growing platform so keep an eye out for the upcoming releases to know when topics you’re looking for may be added if not already.

We are here to make this tool as easy to use as possible. Contact us with any questions.


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