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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see any data?
If you aren’t seeing any data, try removing some of your filters. You can see which filters are currently applied by viewing the teal bubbles across the top of the browser page. Click the small X in the bubble to remove the filter.

When too many filters have been applied the sample size will become too small for reliable analysis. FaithView will hide this data so you can be confident that data you are seeing is robust and reliable.

Our database is continuously growing! Each year we will add thousands of new interviews to FaithView.

How can I tell which filters have been applied to the data?
Filters will appear at the top of the page in a teal bubble. Additionally, there is a footnote for each chart which lists all the applied filters, including any state or city filters.

The label is cut off and I can’t read it. What do I do?
If a label is shortened and ends with “…” use your mouse to hover over the label and the full text will appear.

We are working on a mobile solution.

How can I view data for an individual city?
Cities are defined by local television signals or reach and will typically include a major city’s suburbs and surrounding commuter towns. This means some cities or towns cannot be examined directly since they are part of another major city grouping.

Our database is continuously growing! We don’t yet have enough data to provide analysis on all US cities. Currently we offer access to over 200 US cities.

How can I view data for an individual state?
When accessing state level data, you should use the red, drop-down menu for states at the top of the FaithView tool and select the state you are interested in viewing. Make sure any previous city or state selections are deselected before viewing the data. The drop-down menu button will tell you how many cities or states you are currently viewing.

Where can I find a glossary of Barna’s terms?
You can find our glossary by visiting www.barna.com/glossary

How do I compare my city or region to nationwide data?
The best way to do this is to open FaithView twice in 2 separate browser windows and set them side-by-side. In one window you can view the nationwide data. In the other window you can filter the data to show your city or region.

Please note, nationwide comparisons are only available to Full Access subscribers.

How can I upgrade my access to regional or national (full access)?
Please contact faithview@barna.com to request an upgrade.

Can I use FaithView on my mobile device?
FaithView can be accessed using mobile devices using your devices internet browser. There is not currently an app available. For the best user experience, we recommend accessing FaithView on a computer.

Can I use these charts in my own work?
Yes! Simply click the “Image” button at the bottom right of each chart. This will download a .jpeg image of the chart for you to use. See FAQ below about citing Barna FaithView.

How should I cite this data?
When referencing FaithView please use this citation information

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can manage your subscription to FaithView by logging into your Barna Digital account. Select the “View” button next to your subscription to manage your payment method or cancel the subscription.

What happens if I cancel my subscription early?
If you choose to cancel your subscription early you will maintain access to FaithView until your 12-month subscriptions expires, but your subscription will not renew and you will not be charged again.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for subscriptions cancelled early.

Customer Service

We are here to make this tool as easy to use as possible.
If you still have questions after watching the tutorials and reading the FAQs, please reach out! Email us at faithview@barna.com and we will respond within 1-2 business days.