Barna Cities & States Digital

Barna Cities & States Digital

The most comprehensive interactive database of faith trends and practices in America.
Grow Strategically. Lead Effectively.

The Church has trusted Barna’s Cities & States data to help leaders know their city, know their audience and inform ministry decisions for over 30 years. FaithView makes that data available at your fingertips. Sort, filter and extract custom data related to your specific context and mission.

Grow Strategically <br>& Lead Effectively

Grow Strategically
& Lead Effectively

• Make strategic decisions with confidence using Barna data you can trust.
• Develop and equip your team with real-time, actionable information.
• Elevate your sermons with downloadable data & graphics.

Engage Your Church<br>& Know Your City

Engage Your Church
& Know Your City

• Know your audience with deep, unique, localized insights.
• Understand faith and demographic trends in your community that impact your ministry.
• Spot new opportunities for ministry goals & benchmarking.

Easy<br>& Accessible

& Accessible

• Custom filtering of 200+ rich data points.
• Easy-to-use platform converts raw data into clear and relevant insights.
• Available at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, on any device.

See FaithView in Action

Identify the city, region or national data that you want to see. The downloading feature makes it easy to insert beautiful graphics into any sermon or presentation.

Unique Insights on the Ever-Changing Faith Landscape

With FaithView, you will understand your audience to grow strategically and lead effectively.

Watch the videos below to see how it works.

Grow Your Ministry with Localized Insights

Grow Your Ministry with Localized Insights

Church leaders use data to prepare to plant, know their city and understand the people they seek to reach. Click the icon above to watch.

Identify Best Markets and New Opportunities

Identify Best Markets and New Opportunities

Christian universities identify top markets to inform their recruitment strategy. Click the icon above to watch.

Maximize Your Reach Nationally

Maximize Your Reach Nationally

National non-profits track engagement by city to prioritize new markets and fundraising opportunities . Click the icon above to watch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I find my city? / How are cities defined?
Cities are defined by local television signals or reach and will typically include a major city’s suburbs and surrounding commuter towns. When subscribing to an individual city for access to FaithView, think about which local television stations are available in your community—then search for that city in the drop-down menu.

Our database is still growing! Each year we will add thousands of new interviews to FaithView. However, we don’t yet have enough data to provide analysis on all US cities. Currently we offer access to over 200 US cities.

What region am I in? / How are regions defined?
Regions are defined by state. The 50 states plus DC are divided into 9 divisions based on US Census data. To find your region visit our Glossary page for more information on how regions are defined.

How often will I be billed?
Subscriptions are billed annually. At checkout you will be charged for the full amount of a one-year subscription to FaithView. Subscriptions will automatically renew. So, your next payment will be due in 12 months.

How can I upgrade my access to regional or national (full access)?
Please contact faithview@barna.org to request an upgrade.

How long will I have access to FaithView?
Subscriptions will you give you access to the online tool for 12-months and they will automatically renew until you cancel your subscription.

How often is the data updated in FaithView?
The data is updated annually. Each year we will add thousands of new interviews to FaithView.

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can manage your subscription to FaithView by logging into your Barna Digital account. Select the “View” button next to your subscription to manage your payment method or cancel the subscription.

What happens if I cancel my subscription early?
If you choose to cancel your subscription early you will maintain access to FaithView until your 12-month subscriptions expires, but your subscription will not renew and you will not be charged again.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for subscriptions cancelled early.

Can I compare my city or region to nationwide data?
Nationwide comparisons are only available to Full Access subscribers.

Can I subscribe to more than one city or region?
Unfortunately, the tool only allows one city or region per email address.  If you wish to purchase more than one city, we suggest the RegionView option. Similarly, if you would like to view multiple regions, purchase the NationView option.