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In more ways than one, these pages represent a multi-cultural, multi-generational, international effort, on behalf of the teams at Barna and World Vision as well as a network of experts, reviewers and contributors. In addition to the 15,000+ respondents from 25 countries who participated in our study, people from around the globe have come together to support and inform this work and ask big questions of a generation who are full of questions themselves. It’s been a thrill and a challenge to not only mine the data from such a vast study but also to turn it into something helpful and maybe even hopeful for the Church.

Ultimately, looking back on many years of related research, this study has confirmed several aspects of our paradoxical profile of Millennials and now Gen Z—connected but alone, ambitious but anxious, open-minded but skeptical. At the same time, it’s significantly nuanced our understanding of how these young adults see themselves, engage with spirituality and perceive the world at this present moment. At a high level, the story is this: There are significant hurdles to the stability, well-being and beliefs of today’s teens, twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings. Thirty-eight percent of respondents are categorized by Barna as having weak connectivity and struggle to find their place, their people or their purpose. But where connectivity is strong, something has clicked. Faith thrives. Community is present. Vocation, calling and potential are nurtured. Justice and corruption are confronted. These are links to note and learn from, whatever your proximity to this age range, wherever you live.

Even if this report leaves you with an enhanced general image of 18–35-year-olds—where they are now and where they are headed—we also recognize that your own age, spiritual heritage, national climate or cultural identity are just beyond the frame, inevitably filtering the way you view the findings. No single resource could speak to all backgrounds and considerations in full, though we hope that as you digest the data, read the Q&As and even follow prompts from the Connect the Dots pages, you might be able to distill the research for your day-to-day reality. Further, as there is still much more to learn about these young adults, specifically at a country-specific level, we encourage you to stay in touch at theconnectedgeneration.com, where we will continue to roll out findings and other resources, analysis, interviews and research-backed recommendations from The Connected Generation study.

Our vision is that this research will help you as you help an influential generation address (not just quiet) doubts and anxieties and become resilient, courageous contributors to neighborhoods, nonprofits, workplaces, churches, even nations. Join us in continuing to listen to, pray for and equip teens and young adults in your sphere.


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