05 Appendix A – Country Profiles

Appendix A - Country Profiles


Country Profiles

Key measures of faith and connectivity among 18–35-year-olds in 25 countries

Refer to the glossary of key terms for all definitions.

Connect to Your Context Through Country Reports

The country profiles in this appendix are intended to give you a general overview of the connectivity levels and religious disposition among the 25 countries included in this study, building upon the themes explored at a global level. If you’re looking for more details about the demographics and spiritual climate of your own region, The Connected Generation project also includes a series of country reports. Through country-specific data and analysis, expert commentary and contextualized field guides, you’ll gain greater insight to help you begin to apply the research in your local ministry and community.

Learn more about these and other resources available through The Connected Generation project at TheConnectedGeneration.com.

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Appendix B - Notes

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