07 Appendix C – Acknowledgements

Appendix C - Acknowledgements


Barna Group is incredibly grateful to World Vision, not only for their partnership on this massive study, but their global leadership in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the kingdom of God. Our gratitude extends to the many World Vision staff members from more than 20 countries who supported this initiative through early input on the study formation, coordination of thought leaders and local contextualization. That lengthy list includes: Jenny Acosta, Asteria Aritonang, Marcela Ballestero, Christopher Baskeran, Allen Benjamin, Tennille Bergin, Amanda Bowman, David Brown, Nieves Carabaña, James Carroll, Chun-Sen Chang, Wesley Chen, Michael Chitwood, Eu-Lee Chng, Lilian Chung, João Diniz, Lauren Fisher, Anne Fleck, Jonathan Fletcher, Holly Frew, Marcus Frost, Javier Ruiz Gaitán, Jessica Galles, Ivan Gomez, Jun Goodness, Jason Graves, Sam Grimshaw, Cheryl Hotchkiss, KA Jayakumar, Caitie Johnston, Andrea Kaufmann, Kevin King, Esther Lehmann-Sow, André Mebold, Tim Middlemiss, Andrew Morley, Oliver Müller, David Muñoz, John Mwangi, John Northuis, James Pedrick, Tim Pilkington, Raymond Pu, Jill Roche, Raissa Rossiter, Edgar Sandoval Sr, Chris Schroeder, Harold Segura, Weijie Soh, Andrew Streat, Sony Thomas, Ruth Tormey, Michael Wenham, Clarice Ziller and more.

Our findings about the connected generation have been significantly strengthened by the feedback and grounded recommendations of ministers, activists, scholars and other experts spanning the globe, some of whom are featured within the pages of this report. A heartfelt thank you to those many commentators and contributors, including: Ruth Yimika Afolabi, Juliette Arulrajah, Jefferson Bethke, Abel Cheah, Jayakumar Christian, Daniel Flynn, Marco Tulio Gómez, Nicky Gumbel, Alan Jamieson, Krish Kandiah, James Mallon, Chine McDonald, Percy Mongwai, Daniel Muvengi, Lydia Mwaniki, David Oginde, Marco Oropeza, Stephen Proctor, Sifiso Pule, Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, Jackson Ole Sapit, Mark Sayers, Joy Beth Smith, Taya Smith, Wesley Teixeira, John Thornton Jr., Tracy Trinita, Tish Harrison Warren, Peter Wojcik and more. Additional thanks to McDonald and Kandiah for their early support and encouragement of this global project.

The Barna research team conducted this study with coordination by Brooke Hempell. Traci Hochmuth and Daniel Copeland led development of the questionnaire, with assistance from Susan Mettes. Copeland also served as lead analyst, with preliminary analysis contributed by Savannah Kimberlin, and provided data verification throughout. Alyce Youngblood managed editorial production and was lead writer on the manuscript, with additional data reporting from Joan Chen-Main, Ryan Hamm and Benjamin Howard. Roxanne Stone offered narrative direction and conducted interviews. David Kinnaman, with Aly Hawkins, wrote foundational pieces of the report. Marian Liautaud and Verónica Thames provided editorial and marketing support. Douglas Brown proofread the manuscript. OX Creative designed the cover. With initial visual direction from Chaz Russo, Lauren Harvill designed interior layout, and Annette Allen designed data visualizations. Brenda Usery managed production. Mallory Holt coordinated as project manager and assisted in organizing contributors. Joe Jensen managed the digital presence and webcast event for this project. Special thanks to Rick Ifland for his vision in extending Barna’s reach internationally and Gareth Russell for spearheading the Barna Global effort. The project team wishes to thank our Barna colleagues—Amy Brands, Aidan Dunn, Janet Eason, Pam Jacob, Steve McBeth, Rhesa Storms, Jess Villa and Todd White—for their support as we’ve completed our largest study to date.

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